Individual Nutrition Consultation

Free 15-minute phone consultation

Wondering how nutritional counseling could benefit you? Let’s chat! Call me to schedule your free 15-minute phone consult to ask your questions about how individual nutritional consultation can help you.


3-Session Introductory Package 

Establishing any purposeful habit takes time. Three sessions are optimal for goal setting and follow-up to ensure your efforts result in lasting, healthy habits.

  • 1-hour review of your history and lifestyle, and review of your 3-day food log
  • 1-hour follow-up to establish a dietary and lifestyle plan that supports your nutrition and health goals
  • 1 30-minute follow-up to support your efforts.


Meal planning

Customized for you based on your health goals and personal food preferences. Receive a 5-Day Meal Plan that includes recipes, grocery list and prep plan.


Individual Appointments

  • Initial 1-hour review of your history and lifestyle, and review of your 3-day food log
  • 1-hour follow-up appointments to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan that’s designed to meet your health and nutrition goals.
  • 30-minute follow-up appointments targeted, ongoing support to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals


Virtual Appointments are also available via FaceTime. Please contact me directly at 907.750.1620 to schedule a virtual appointment.


Initial appointment includes 1-hour meeting focusing on your:

  • Medical history - including specific health conditions, if applicable
  • Laboratory tests in relation to nutrient needs and/or status
  • Health habits
  • Lifestyle and exercise
  • 3-day dietary food logs
  • Food preferences
  • Pharmaceutical-nutrient interactions, if applicable
  • Nutritional and lifestyle goals


4th Thursday of Every Month

As a nutritionist, I know how confusing info can be when it comes to dietary advice. During this FREE virtual lunchtime event, I'll take on your general nutrition-related questions. Here's a sample of what I'll cover:

• What are the healthiest choices at my favorite restaurant?
• Canola it good or bad?
• I'm trying to lose weight. Should I go Paleo or Keto?
• Would I benefit from a detox/cleanse?
• I'm trying to lower carbs. What are my options?

Bring your lunch and your questions, and get answers!

The next Lunch with a Nutritionist will be Thursday, September, 24 from noon – 1 p.m.

Sign up HERE.

Fall Cleanse website

Saturday, Sept. 12 Saturday, Sept. 26

As we transition into fall, now is a great time to reboot your body and kick-start healthy habits. Give your body the gift of a 10-day seasonal cleanse to help support natural detoxification and resilience as we head into winter.

This gentle cleanse can help rid the body of toxins that contribute to:
• Fatigue & sleep difficulties
• Indigestion & other GI issues
• Brain fog
• Food cravings & weight gain
• Rashes

Join me for this 10-day gentle detox and give your body a healthy boost. This is NOT a fast. You will enjoy healthy meals and shakes daily. And your body will thank you!

Saturday, Sept. 12 -- Pre-Detox
We'll discuss toxin exposure, take a toxicity questionnaire and plan your 10-Day Whole Body Detox.

Saturday, Sept. 26 -- Post Detox
We'll follow up on your experience, discuss any concerns or questions you have and support the momentum of healthy habits.

The $95 fee covers the cost of your Detox Balance Kit, which includes protein powder (gluten-free and vegan) for shakes for 10 days and recipes in addition to guidance from an integrative nutritionist.

Sign up HERE.


What You Eat Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Health

The foods you eat -- and don't eat -- can go a long way in helping you manage and/or reverse a variety of health conditions. Science-based nutrition counseling can improve many health conditions including:

Autoimmune diseases



High Cholesterol

High blood pressure

Healthy detoxification

Diabetes / Blood sugar imbalances

Digestive issues including food sensitivities and intolerances

Estrogen dominance




Weight loss and maintenance

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Virtual Appointments are also available via FaceTime and Zoom. Please contact me directly at 907.750.1620 to schedule a virtual appointment.