Primal Plate Wellness

Are You Thriving Or Just Surviving?

Your Diet Could Be A Key Factor.

  • Could you use more energy?
  • Are GI issues holding you back?
  • Are you searching for better mental clarity?

Your diet could be a key factor. What you eat – and don’t eat – can have a significant impact on the quality of your everyday life.

How can nutrition counseling help you? A healthy diet is
foundational to your good health. But what constitutes a good diet? Well, real food for starters. And a dietary plan that is based on your preferences – food and
social – one that takes into account your lifestyle as well as health and wellness goals. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to a healthy diet.

Here’s my approach to nutrition counseling:

  1. We’ll start by reviewing your 3-Day Food Log and take a look at what your current dietary habits are.
  2. And we’ll talk about health issues you may be struggling with. Common complaints include sleep difficulties, brain fog, joint pain, skin issues, mood swings, digestive ailments and weight loss.
  3. We’ll consider how your work and family life fit into the picture of your health and wellness goals.
  4. We’ll focus on the practical side of good nutrition – how to plan and execute healthy meals in your already busy life. We might add in some meal planning support.
  5. And we’ll discuss dietary and lifestyle shifts that can help align your diet with your health and wellness goals.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re just surviving and want to have confidence in your body again, let’s work together to help you have the energy and desire to thrive again!


Launching My Cookbook: Recipes from a Quarantined Nutritionist

Here’s how I spent my extra time at home earlier this year –
I wrote a cookbook!

Long before we heard of the coronavirus, my interest in autoimmune disease led me to explore the potential of immune boosting foods. And an emerging theory that the explosion of viruses in the 20th century may be linked to the increase of autoimmune diseases steered me toward the abundance of antiviral foods. Both of these are the focus of this cookbook. And timely they are as so many elements of our lives have become out of our control this year. What you eat is definitely within your control!

As an integrative nutritionist, I’m all about the restorative and healing powers of real foods. And I wholeheartedly believe a healthy diet is foundational to your health. The recipes in my cookbook encourage multiple synergistic immune boosting and antiviral foods in each recipe. For optimum benefit, try to include at least three antiviral and three immune boosting foods each day. Rotating which foods you eat can help keep things interesting as well as increase the overall nutritional benefits you'll receive.

All of the recipes you'll find in my cookbook are gluten-free and low glycemic. Many foods are naturally gluten-free as well as low in carbs. Surprise your family with the herbed Breakfast Sausage Patties on page 8 next weekend. Dish up the warm Roasted Broccoli Salad on page 9 alongside your favorite grilled protein. And the majority of recipes are also dairy and refined sugar-free. Check out the velvety Chocolate Avocado Pudding on page 20. Here's a guilt-free dessert for you! You're welcome.

Pulling together the information and recipes has been on my list of projects for a while, and I’m grateful for the unexpected time this year to be able to devote to this collection. In addition to being a nutritionist, I’m also a passionate cook. However, I appreciate, that unlike me, everyone’s happy place is not in the kitchen! So I’ve kept all the recipes and preparation methods pretty simple here.

My goal is to present you with tools, by means of nourishing foods, to help you achieve and maintain wellness – during this era of COVID-19 and well beyond. Perhaps you will encounter a new food, novel preparation method or rediscover an old favorite. I also hope you find some new go-to recipes among this collection and have some fun creating tasty and nourishing food!

And remember to put love in your food. Allow yourself time to consider all of the miracles that are required to deliver a fresh apple or carrot to your kitchen. Bless the people, birds and bees, sun, wind and rain that combine to make Nature's bounty available to us. Meals prepared with love and gratitude just taste better and they nourish your whole being.

The cookbook is available for download as a PDF for only $7.95.

Eat well. Be well.

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