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Thursday, July 22
Noon - 1 pm (PT)

As a nutritionist, I know how confusing info can be when it comes to dietary advice. During this FREE monthly virtual lunchtime event, I'll take on your general nutrition-related questions. Here's a sample of what I'll cover:

  • What are the healthiest choices at my favorite restaurant?
  • Canola it good or bad?
  • I'm trying to lose weight. Should I go Paleo or Keto?
  • Which is the best alternative milk?
  • Would I benefit from a detox/cleanse?

Drop in anytime during the lunch hour. Stay to ask your question(s) and head back to work or stick around to hear what others are curious about! Since this is a virtual event, it's open to people beyond Bend, Oregon.

4th Thursday of every month
Noon - 1 pm (PT)
Online via  Zoom (Contact me directly to receive the link.)

Next Event: Thursday, June 24

Tuesday, July 20
5-7 pm (PT)

Join me for a comprehensive overview of the keto diet to help determine if it might be right for you. We'll explore the types of foods to include as well as which ones to exclude in your diet. You'll also learn how to manage your carbohydrate intake.

And you'll learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how to troubleshoot for stalled weight loss, mood balance, fatigue, and sleep issues.

Tuesday, July 20
5-7 pm (PT)
Online via Zoom
Fee: $49

This class is being offered in conjunction with the Central Oregon Community College. Advance registration is required. Register HERE.